Game Of Thrones Writer Will Put You In The Next Book Then (Gruesomely) Kill You For £11k

And he'll do it in a really gruesome way, too. So long as you give a bit of money to a wolf sanctuary...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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We're not going to give you spoilers, as we ourselves are shamefully behind when it comes to Game Of Thrones (we like to eke it out slowly so that it lasts forever), plus we know that some of you are still to learn the joys of the HBO fantasy series (Tip: It's not all geekery and battles, each series contains sex and swords and power play more conniving than a year in EastEnders).

However, we will tell you that George RR Martin, who writes the books, which in turn inspire the TV programme, is auctioning off the opportunity for a fan to be gruesomely killed off in his next book, in return for the princely sum of $20,000 (£11,900). For this, the fan gets to choose the type of character they would like to be portrayed us, but Martin gets the final say on the really grisly manner of their death. And, trust us, if you haven't seen it, there are some very gross-out ways to die in this series.

The donor won't then feature in the show but, presumably, if you're a big enough fan to sink almost £12,000 into it in the first place, you'll be more than happy just to feature in the original storyline.

And that few grand won't actually go to the maker of the highly-successful series (HBO's most successful ever, after only four seasons – and yep, competition for that accolade includes the behemoth that was* Sex And The City*). Instead, it'll go to a charity close to George's heart, the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and Food Depot in Santa Fé, New Mexico, near to where he lives. There's a whole glossy website to show you all the other things you can get from him for a bit less money, like a signed copy of the script or a T-shirt.

Slight spoiler: Considering the fucked-up things done to some to the wolves in the series, it seems George genuinely likes them, which is really cute, when you think about it...

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