Game Of Thrones Actor Dean-Charles Chapman Played Not One, But Two Westeros Characters

As if you didn't confuse us enough, GoT


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King Tommen Baratheon of Game of Thrones is bit of a grower isn’t he. Mostly silent for the start of his GoT life, we didn’t know much about him until he took over from his corrupt brother, Joffrey, after he was killed at his own wedding in a horrific choking accident that scared us for nights. Now he’s one of the shows front-runners, and we thought we had his character sussed out, but we really, really didn’t. Or rather, we didn’t have the actor, Dean-Charles Chapman sussed out.

Dean not only played his main character, Tommem, he also played Martyn Lannister in two episodes back in season three, according to his IMDBprofile. You know, Martyn, that character we’ve all completely forgotten. Hey, don’t be hard on yourself for forgetting, I thought Martyn was Tommem's brother and even told everyone in our morning conference until our features and beauty writer Chemmie kindly embarassed me in front of everyone and told me it was Tome’s cousin. Confusing, we know.

To refresh your memory here is a little family tree. Tommem is the son of Jamie and Cersei Lancaster (who are in fact brother and sister…and also lovers). He is also the brother to the now deceased Joffrey Baratheon and Princess Myrcella. Martyn Lannister has two brothers, William and Ser Lancel Lannister, and they are sons of Kevan Lannister, who is Lord Tyrion’s younger brother. Don’t know who Lord Tyrion is? Firstly, get out. who are you? Secondly, he was Jamie, Cersei and Tyrion’s father. The family tree is complete. So Dean played both Tommem, and his own cousin, Martyn.

Mind.Blown, we literally had NO clue.

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