Miley Cyrus’s Latest Instagram Art Project Is Nothing Short Of Amazing

She’s just being Miley. And we love her.


by Stevie Martin |
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Miley Cyrus has gone from annoying tryhard, to balls-out IDGAF entertainer (if there is such a thing). Her instagram is one of the most diverting of all the celebs - rather than pic after pic of duckfaces, bikinis and press shots, she’s gone and stuck pictures of her toddler face over her normal body and posted loads of them to instagram and it’s wonderful. Terrifying and weird and wonderful, if not as impressive as the 5ft bongs of her latest art exhibition or the mad jewellery she designed for Jeremy Scott’s runway show at NYFW.

If that makes no sense, that’s because the whole thing makes no sense. But to clarify: she’s found an amusing picture of herself as a toddler, and stuck it all over pics of herself in the present day. Get it? Oh FFS, just look at the gallery below, then…

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