#FreeKesha Isn’t As Silly As It Sounds

She’s rich, she’s famous, what could go wrong…? A lot, it turns out…

#FreeKesha Isn’t As Silly As It Sounds

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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#FreeKesha is the hashtag going around in support of Kesha, the talk-singer who we’ve not heard that much from since her Pitbull collaboration, Timber, first wormed its way into our earholes.

Why does she need to be freed? Well, she’s currently trapped into only ever making music with Dr Luke, the man she alleges sexually assaulted her. Dr Luke isn’t a doctor in the same way Professor Green isn’t a professor, but he’s the mastermind behind so many of Kesha’s songs. While he’s allowed to work with whoever else – he’s produced songs for Katy Perry and One Direction – she’s only ever allowed to work with him.

After years of wanting to release songs that aren’t approved or made by Dr Luke, Kesha has filed a lawsuit against him. The allegations include sexual assault, battery and harassment. Kesha has already said in a suit that Dr Luke would slip her pills then she’d wake up feeling ‘sore sick and naked in his bed.’

But still, she’s not allowed freedom from her contract, and Sony, hers and Dr Luke’s record label, are siding with him.

She has now applied for an injunction to allow her to make music outside of her contract because: ‘I physically cannot [work with Dr Luke]. I don’t feel safe in any way’.

Kesha’s lawyers have also written to the court to say time really is of the essence: ‘[Without an injunction] Kesha will be forced to sit on her hands while the pop music market asks, 'Where is Kesha? What happened to her? Wasn't she supposed to be the next big thing?'’

As for Dr Luke’s people? They say: ‘If Kesha now regrets that her career is mired in legal proceedings, it’s entirely of her making. It was Kesha who chose to file a lawsuit falsely alleging abuse to gain advantage in contract negotiations.’

It’s a bit ridiculous – and predictable – for people to think Kesha’s crying wolf with this. But let’s just say she completely is. Let’s say we live in a world where rape allegations result in convictions and she really is just doing this to punish Dr Luke and get out of her contract.

Well, he’s still in a position of huge power over Kesha and has control over her earning power after years of profiting off of her talents as the face of his songs.

Cool guy, then.

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