Frances Bean’s First Night On The Booze Cost $14,000

Her mum Courtney Love gave her an AmEx, she was with Marianne Faithfull in the Ritz Hotel in Paris, what was she supposed to do?


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Unlike mum Courtney Love, Frances Bean Cobain avoids the limelight, not really doing that much press and drifting away from the fashion world as soon as she struck gold with it in that Hedi Slimane shoot back in 2011.

However, the story of the first time the daughter of Courtney and Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain got drunk is pretty priceless.

Anglophile Courtney Love – she’s so ‘English’, she did a gig in a tea-room in the furthest reaches of East London a couple of weeks ago – told our big sister magazine, Q: ‘Frances finally gets it about why I love London, but she was threatening to become a Francophile for a while. When our assets were frozen, I felt so guilty that I got Frances her own American Express black card.’

She continues: ‘So at New Year’s I sent her to Paris with my neighbour Carrie Fisher [of Star Wars fame] and her great friend Marianne Faithfull [you know, the singer and actress who started off her partying with none other than the Rolling Stones] – and you don’t really think about childcare when you think about those two, although Carrie has a daughter called Billie who is GREAT. And then I got a bill from the Ritz in Paris for $14,000 (£8,360).’

Needless to say the singer (she doesn’t play the guitar any more because nine months on crack changed her) wasn’t that happy. ‘I’m like “What the fuck costs that much on New Year’s Eve?” Two bottles of Pétrus [that’s a really expensive merlot, FYI]. Yeah – that Marianne ordered. So, I mean, Frances can afford it, it’s fine, and if you’re gonna get drunk for the first time, do it on Pétrus at the Ritz in Paris with Marianne Faithfull.’

For all the controversy she brings with each anecdote – in that interview alone, she mentions how a mountain lion was involved when Frances got a restraining order on her, how Alex James [from Blur] and her had ‘an incident’ and how Russell Brand owes his Stateside success to her – Courtney does sound kind of cool.

And even if you wouldn’t want her to be your mother, if we’re talking about things possible in a dream realm, this little insight into Frances Bean’s life kind of makes you want to go back to those alco-pop sticky days of house parties and underage discos and re-do them all again in an entirely different way, doesn’t it?

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