Foxes: ‘I Took A Selfie With David Beckham And He Smelt Like Roses’

The pop star also gives us the lowdown on getting her Grammy mixed up with her IKEA delivery. As you do.


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Foxes, aka Louisa Allen, has already had a top 10 single with the ridiculously epic Let Go For Tonight, and obviously she’s won a Grammy award for her collaboration with Zedd on the EDM banger Clarity. Now we know her amazing debut album is likely to be Top Five in Sunday’s chart, but today all she really wants to talk about is meeting David Beckham. Which is fair enough.

Thankfully, we also managed to veer her away from David’s pants long enough to chat about what’s in her fridge, punching her driver and her dreams of being on Saved By The Bell.

The Debrief: We saw on Instagram that you were next to David Beckham last night, how was that?

Foxes: I was! I took a selfie with David Beckham.

DB: What did he smell like?

F: He smelt like roses, weirdly. It was just beautiful man smell. Amazingly, he turned round to me and said congratulations on having the number 3 album on the midweeks. I was like, ‘Who told you that?’ There was me queuing up to get a selfie and he knew who I was!

DB: Amazing. How does it feel to be underneath Michael Jackson in the album midweek charts?

F: Well I should be below him because he’s Michael Jackson, but it feels fucking ridiculous. I can’t quite get over it. I’m floating somewhere.

DB: Can we quickly do some role-play?

F: Yeah, I love role-play.

DB: Okay, so I’m from your record label and I’m calling you on Sunday to let you know the final chart placing for the album and I say: ‘Hello Foxes, it entered at number 11.’ And you say...

F: This is really weird because I did Call and Delete on Radio 1 the other day, and I rang my A&R from my label and completely fucked his head by pretending to be annoyed that the Michael Jackson album was out the same week as mine. I was demanding they took it down and stuff. It was so funny. Anyway, I would react very well because that’s great.

DB: Wouldn’t you be slightly disappointed not to get a top 10?

F: I’d like to make top 10, but at the end of the day, I didn’t think I’d ever get to hold my album. I’m quite content right now.

DB: How will you celebrate on Sunday?

F: Probably cry into a big glass of Champagne. I’ll have a little drink and do a little dance.

DB: How were the Grammys?

F: They were amazing, so ridiculous.

DB: I saw on the internet that the actual award arrived at your house. Does a Grammy just come normal post?

F: Absolutely amazing. Seriously, I walked in my door and there was this brown box. I looked at it, assuming it was the IKEA parts that I’d ordered, so I took it upstairs and started opening it, and it was like, gold and I was like, ‘Wait, what? Gold?’ And then I took it out and realised it was a fucking Grammy. I sat it on my kitchen table and cried at it for two hours.

DB: Where will you keep it?

F: I’m not sure I trust it in my house so it’s at my mum’s.

DB: What’s the worst song you’ve heard recently?

F: It does exist...That fucking selfie song. So shit.

DB: You took a picture of your massive face on a huge advert over a road the other day. Does it freak you out to see that sort of thing?

F: It was really funny because I hit the driver in the face by pointing that out. I was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s my face!’ It nearly knocked him out. We nearly crashed.

DB: Imagine that as a story the week of your album release. Maybe it would have gone to number 1, though.

F: Probably.

DB: I once bumped into you in a cinema. What’s your cinema food selection of choice?

F: All of it. You should go in hard. I think you should get a large Diet Coke with a straw, a large popcorn – salt and sweet – lots of Haribo and then a bit of chocolate if you’re feeling naughty.

DB: If you could be in one TV show which one would it be: Saved By The Bell, The OC or 90210?

F: Saved By The Bell, definitely. I want to be Kelly from Saved By The Bell.

DB: How does your mum feel about this pop star lark?

F: She hasn’t really seen me for a while so I’m not sure. I think she’s quite overwhelmed.

DB: How many times has she bought the album?

F: She went into HMV the other day and they gave her an album, which they probably shouldn’t have done.

DB: Did she have to show ID?

F: No... Actually, that’s a good point. Anyone could say they were my mum! Not that you would. My friends told them I think.

DB: What’s in your fridge?

F: Okay, well I don’t know because I haven’t eaten in for a while. I think there’s soya milk and probably half an onion, because there’s always half an onion left in everyone’s fridge.

DB: That and half a lemon and a small block of cheese at the back.

F: Always.

DB: What would you make with those ingredients?

F: I would make an omelette.

DB: What type of character would you play in EastEnders?

F: The mum? No. I’d be someone’s godmother, I don’t know why. I feel like I wouldn’t be part of a family.

DB: What do you make of snobby accusations that you’re a label product and you don’t write your own songs?

F: Well, they’re lies so I just think they’ve got the wrong information. It’s mental. I had an argument with this journalist about it the other day. I was like, ’I wrote them all’. But I don’t really care to be honest. It’s bullshit.

DB: Do you think female pop stars get that a lot generally?

F: Yeah, but I’m not a pop star.

DB: Really? Why? You’ve had a top 10 single and make pop music.

F: I don’t know. I mean, I am, but I’m not. I don’t act like one. Britney Spears is a pop star.

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