FKA Twigs Gets Racist Hate Online For Daring To Date Robert Pattinson

The singer has spoken out about the racist trolling she's had simply for daring to date someone who's had a massive female teen fanbase...


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Here's a story that's all too familiar; a woman starts dating a beautiful man who happens to have a giant tween/teen fanbase, fanbase get jealous, either directly or because they've projected on to his ex and want to 'ship' them together, so fanbase directs hate at woman. Only this time, the woman is musician FKA Twigs, real name Tahliah Barnett, and actor Robert Pattinson.

As well as supposed fans' suggestions that Robert should be dating Kristen Stewart instead, or that Robert getting together with Twigs is going back on some imagined infinite promise to stay with Kristen to keep the Twilight flame alive, people have turned, well, racist.

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For instance, one person with the Twitter handle @myboyfriendisrp Tweeted Twigs saying: 'You're beautiful, a beautiful monkey HAHAHAHAHAHA'

Another person with an avatar photo of Robert and the user name including 'Robsten' which is the name people use to 'ship' (stands for 'relationship', but could also be interchangeable with 'worship', the way some people treat celebrities) Robert and ex-girlfriend and Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart, Tweeted Twigs to say 'u music succccckkkkkk black bitch.'

As mysterious and aloof as Twigs might be online – it adds to an air of mystery around her which has done well for the hype around her debut album – she had to step in this time to talk about the racist trolling she'd been getting.

Without a Twitter police (this racism, if shouted on the street, would count as harassment or hate speech), it's not clear what will stop the trolls from finding sticks to beat the girlfriends of their favourite male celebrities with. Hopefully, at the very least, they'll get wind of the fact that Robert Pattinson doesn't want to date them anyway, especially if they're racist.

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