FKA Twigs Doesn’t Want You To Like Her Anyway

Which only makes us like her even more...

FKA Twigs Doesn’t Want You To Like Her Anyway

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Some people don’t ‘get’ Twigs, the singer/songwriter/dancer phenomenon who moves like a snake and sings like an angel. But she’s totally cool with that. In a behind-the-scenes video that’s got something to do with the YouTube Music Awards (biggest lol ever, those), she says: ‘With my profile growing, it enters into a world of people who don’t understand me and they’re never going to understand me.’

Cough Twilight-era fans of Robert Pattinson who want to give his new girlfriend’s music a whirl Cough

‘I don’t expect them to understand me and I don’t want them to understand me. That’s also OK and in a way kind of exciting to have it spread into a place where it doesn’t belong. If everyone did get it, I’d feel like I’m doing something wrong.’

It might seem like a snooty approach but we’re all for it. We like that she’s different, we like that she might do some stuff that makes the general public uncomfortable and we like that she doesn’t even want us to like her that much. It makes us want to try a bit harder to gain her affection. Which makes her a bit like a cat, doesn’t it?

Which brings us onto Twigs’ next point. When she was younger, she’d spend time pretending to be a cat: ‘If I wanted to be a cat for the weekend, that was cool.’

Totally, Twigs.

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