Five Possible Reasons Why Jennifer Lawrence Dumped Chris Martin

Maybe he wasn't the perfect person to watch Real Housewives with after all


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After dating for (counts fingers) around four months, it’s all over between Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin. E! News got the scoop, confirming the two have parted ways, while People obtained intel that Jen was the one who dumped Chris. In the absence of any solid information, here are some reasons why we think she peaced out of the relationship:

1. She’s Jennifer Lawrence

Come on, Chris, you didn’t think you could really hold on to the J-Law, did you? She’s a firecracker, a bright spark, the most dynamic, charming and real star to come out of Hollywood in forever. And you’re the guy that wrote Yellow.

**2. He’s Chris Martin **

While he may be an international rock star or whatever, with an abundance of charm and money, he’s also the singer of Coldplay, writes super-deep songs and is just that little bit too intense for J-Law.

If we were to put her with anyone, it would be a super-fun, cool musician with a great sense of humour and genuine light-heartedness. Basically, anyone who’s been on the cover of NME in the past year.

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3. He wasn’t down with her reality TV habit

Maybe T_he_ Real Housewives marathons were a novelty for a while, but after a while Chris probably gave an eye roll or two when Jennifer hit that Bravo button.

And as any reality-TV loving girl knows, no one is allowed to roll their eyes during The Kardashians or any reality show. We get it, it’s not everyone’s thing, but just let us enjoy it.

4. She realised she wanted passion after all

She recently said she preferred a peaceful love with someone over passion. Then she was probably like, ‘Wait, what was I thinking? I want both!’

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**5. He didn’t like that she said that **

He was bummed when he read the Vanity Fair thing and realised the whole world thought he was a peaceful/boring, reality TV-watching farter. The rock star ego took a bashing, he couldn’t get past it and she was like, ‘Jesus, get over it! We’re done.’

6. Or maybe it just ran its course

As things do.

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