Five Fashion Things We Just Learned About New York Mayor’s Cool Daughter Chiara De Blasio

The 19-year-old loves vintage, but is over floral headbands


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She may be the daughter of New York mayor Bill de Blasio, but there is nothing typically ‘first daughter-ish' about 19-year-old Chiara de Blasio.

While home for spring break from college in California, Chiara allowed metropolitan New York newspaper AM New York follow her around her favorite vintage store in Park Slope, Brooklyn, where her family lives and totally solidified our view that Chiara is the coolest first daughter ever. Here's what we learned:

**Um, she loves vintage **

Not that that comes as a surprise, but most mayor’s daughters are probably at Intermix or Saks, not trawling through racks at L Train Vintage.


She styled her family for election night

‘I mean, I am the fashion coordinator for my family. I tried to take an initiative to get some color synchronicity going on,’ she says of the red-theme the de Blasios wore for her father’s win. She also advises her dad’s tie choices.


She’s over the floral headband look

‘I haven't been wearing flower headbands as much. I just kind of go through a lot of fashion phases. That's not to say they're retired forever, but I just like to mix it up a lot.’ We feel you, Chiara. We like you in all sorts of headbands, though.


She’s a respectful rebel

When she wanted to wear a little tube top and rainbow sequin hot pants to march in the New York Gay Pride march last year, she made sure her dad was cool with it. ‘I was like: "Man, I don't know if I could wear this. I'm walking with my dad's staff and campaign and stuff." I showed him and I was like: "Dad, this is what I'm planning on wearing. I don't know if you'd be cool with this." He's like: "No, it looks great. Go for it…" He said it's perfect for the occasion because it was rainbow sequin shorts and stuff.' This is how sick she looked that day.


**She doesn’t overthink her style choices **

‘It's all about confidence. I never, ever think about [whether] I can pull something off, and that's how I pull things off.’

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