Finn And Paige Are Winter Love Island’s First Official Couple

I'm not crying, you're crying.

Finn and Paige

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A couple! A real couple! Winter Love Island is in full swing, and Grazia is pleased to report that we have our first bona fide boyfriend and girlfriend – Finn, and Paige.

How did it happen? Let's set the scene, which is always quite weird in Love Island. Everyone’s in swimwear, there’s a fire pit... But anyway... Finn pulled Paige for a chat. We’d seen him earlier in the day, psyching himself up for the big moment and running it past the boys for their approval/input; as such, we knew what was coming. We knew he’d drafted a little speech! On his little phone!

Finn and Paige
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Anyway. Armed with said speech and looking visibly jittery, Finn led his girlfriend-in-waiting to one of the villa's minimalist benches. Meanwhile, the rest of the contestants watched the moment from the balcony above.

Finn and Paige
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‘It’s a different scale of how happy I am and I notice how happy you are as well,’ said Finn, referencing the couple’s successful navigation of Casa Amor’s choppy waters last week. ‘There is so much I love about you inside and out,’ (L Bomb! L Bomb alert!) he continued, before adding: ‘I knew there was a heart in there and I knew there was a soft side and you’ve definitely shown it now.' (Finn, stahp).

‘All I think now is what's gonna happen on the outside. There are going to be some challenges but I do want it to be something we face together... so will you be my girlfriend?’

I mean, how could she say anything but yes? She said yes.

Islanders applaud
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Cue cheers and nice dancing. Twitter of course went ballistic, with fans predicting Finn and Paige this year’s winners. ‘Paige and Finn have to win they're soooo cute a love them’; ‘Paige and Finn have to win now, full on crying at how cute they are 😭😭 #LoveIsland’; ‘Calling it now Paige and Finn to Win this year #LoveIsland’, etc, etc. Watch this space...

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