Fashion Is Unforgiving. If You Hurt Yourself, They Don’t Care – Says Kate Moss

Kate puts aside her 'never complain, never explain' mantra for the day - and reveals that the fashion industry's a bitch


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There's more than one reason to be thrilled about Kate Moss's impending SS14 Topshop collection,which lands on April 30 after a four-year hiatus. Alongside the fringe-heavy, festival-ready capsule wardrobe (our top picks include the pyjama blouse and the one-shouldered yellow dress, back for a second time by popular demand), come some* actual* words from Kate. That's right, the famously 'never complain, never explain' model has actually done quite a lot of both in her weekend interview with The Sunday Times Style magazine.

Along with the unsurprising admission (as Glasto's biggest fan) that she wishes it was festival season all year long and the media-savvy pat that Sir Philip Green is 'really sweet' and they get on 'really well', there are some interesting revelations from Kate and stylist Katy England (one of the supermodel's BFFs who has worked with her on all of Mossy's Topshop collabs). Turns out, the fashion industry's a bit of a bitch – in itself not a surprise, but perhaps you would have thought it would have got easier for Kate over time – given her iconic pedigree. Not so, she says. 'Fashion is its own time zone. If you're on your deathbed, you've still got to get there. They're unforgiving. Completely. I've been on jobs where you hurt yourself and they don't care.'

In the past, Kate has spoken out about the fact she was made to pose topless with Marky Mark in the iconic Calvin Klein campaign of 1991, aged just 17, but it's the first time she's drawn attention to the industry's disturbing lack of concern for a model's health. Sobering words indeed. On a more fun note, Kate also destroys her husband's 'rock god' rep with just one sentence, when she reveals that The Kills guitarist is too busy shoehorning himself into his own jeggings and 'too aware of what* he's* wearing' to give a shit about what boho rock perfection Kate swathes herself in.

Kate doesn't have to look far for her biggest fashion critic, though – her 11-year-old daughter Lila Grace is watching her every move, one sheer shirt at a time. 'If she says, "Oh Mummy, you look nice," I know I'm alright because she will definitely tell me if she doesn't like it... She doesn't like anything too sexy. "Mummy, do another button up", she said to me the other day,' laughs Kate. Sounds like Kate's sister Lottie Moss isn't going to be the* only* member of the Moss dynasty destined for the fashion industry.

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