This Fan Freaking Out At Lorde Has Made Our Day (And Lorde’s)

12-year-old Amanda thought she was going to the watepark when actually, something much more exciting was about to happen...


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Lorde, who has maybe a little too much pressure on her to be the antidote to all that is over-sexualised and bad about pop music, is a huge inspiration to a lot of young fans. And if you don’t believe us, you’ve got to check out this video of 12-year-old Amanda, who totally freaked out when she was surprised with some Lorde tickets. Filmed by her mum while she’s in the backseat of the car while her dad’s driving, she talks about how thrilled she is to be having a fun day out at the waterpark. As far as Amanda’s aware, she’s got a day of waterslides ahead of her. You can watch it here:

If you can't watch it all, here's what happens: the video takes an emotional turn when Amanda’s parents tell her to look through an envelope full of suggestions of other things to do that day. She flips through the pieces of paper, one of them suggesting they go to the ‘zipline’, another showing the ‘Egyptian adventure… that sounds scary!’ But her dad says, ‘No, that sounds stupid’. But Amanda then discovers the real treat in the envelope – tickets to go and see Lorde play live in concert!

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Amanda immediately cries, freaks out and screams, ‘I get to see Lorde! No I don’t, no I don’t’ while her parents laugh and say, ‘Yes, yes! That’s where we’re going right now!’

She calms down a bit, then asks her parents, ‘I get to watch her?’ And her dad says, ‘Yes, live!’ and she starts crying again.

Amanda, whose Twitter handles is @longlivelorde, perhaps overshoots a bit by asking her parents, ‘Do I get to meet her?’ but then brings a lot of humility by asking, ‘So we’re not going to the waterpark?’

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Lorde herself saw the video and tweeted it:

After tweeting directly to Lorde, who she likes to be called by her actual name, Ella...

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Amanda then totally freaked out again, realising that Lorde, as in, the real Lorde had been speaking to her!


If that doesn’t give you tingles/slightly welled-up eyes, then, well, are you made of stone?

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