In Fairly Major News Today We Discuss That Twilight Is Back, On Facebook No Less

Is the Twilight sequel is coming?


by Georgina Lawton |
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If you’re looking for a way to fill that vampire-void in your life since Twilight and True Blood left the cultural spectrum, then do not fear because The Twilight Saga is far from over, guys... in fact, it’s being continued online and brought to life by up-and-coming female directors. Say what?!

Lionsgate (the company that produced the films), Stephanie Meyer (the author) and Facebook (from er, Mark Zuckerberg and co) have all teamed up (did someone say dream-team?) to release a series of episodes that will premiere online next year: EVERYONE STAY CALM.

The series, entitled The Storytellers, New Creative Voices Of The Twilight Saga will focus on a different character each episode, although the identity of each character has yet to be revealed.

As if this wasn’t enough, Meyer is working with a group of top-dog Hollywood women such as Kate Winslet, Modern Family’s Julie Bowen and Twilight director Cathy Hardwicke to select and mentor five undiscovered female directors who will each get a chance to direct an episode. These episodes will then be exclusively aired on Facebook in 2015.

There are so many questions running through the vampire vacuum which is our mind that we don't know where to begin. Will R-Pattz and K-Stew be reunited on screen? Will Taylor Lautner be reliving his daring shirtless performance of New Moon? Will there be a SIXTH Twilight film?

In an interview, Lionsgate chairman Michael Burnes declined to answer when pressed about the possibility of another Twilight film, but said fans could ‘probably guess what's coming next’ – ER, you're gonna have to eleaborate Michael, because we need answers. In the meantime, let the saga recommence!

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