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This Is Exactly How Alicia Vikander Got Lara Croft’s Athletic Physique

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Alicia Vikander has opened up about how she got into the best shape of her life for her role as Lara Croft. The Swedish actress revealed to Vogue that she trained using a mixture of weight training, MMA fighting, archery, climbing and swimming – all things that her character is well-versed in, naturally – as well as working out with trainer Magnus Lygdback.

‘On this job, it was the first time I was expected to do as much muscle and weight training as I've done,’ she told Entertainment Tonight. ‘I've really felt it very empowering, and I still feel like I have a physique. I already wanted her to be a strong, physical girl. This film is about her becoming the action hero we know her to be.’

Vikander’s three months of hard work paid off, with the Oscar-nominee gaining an impressive 12 pounds of muscle. But could us mere mortals expect similar results if we hit the gym more? Yes, according to Lygdback.

‘People think they need to spend hours in the gym. With my method, that's not what we're doing,’ he explained. ‘Never more than one hour a day and not even seven days a week... you might do a little cardio in the morning and working out in the afternoon while cutting, but that's it. It's all about how you feel and how you look. It's about building the character.’

The Danish Girl star recently wed fellow actor Michael Fassbender in Ibiza, and was called upon by the British Ambassador in Sweden to host Prince William and Kate Middleton on their recent Scandinavian tour.