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Everything We’ve Learned From Prince Carl Of Sweden’s Newly Public Instagram

© Instagram @prinsparet

Ah, the royals. They’re just like us aren’t they? Well, yes, it turns out – case in point being Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, who has given us a glimpse into his private life courtesy of his Instagram account, which he has switched from private to public. This means that pictures he previously considered too outré to be shared in the public domain are now available to view, which means we’ve obviously gotten into a deep scroll situation.

He announced news of his new public profile on 12th May with a selfie of him and wife Princess Sofia, which read: ‘As you can see, we have already posted photos for a while to give you an insight into our work.’ Which obviously, we took as a challenge. We can’t comment on if his captions are on the dry or witty side, sadly, as we’re not fluent in Swedish, but the variety of things he’s posting about shows he’s unafraid of being an approachable royal.

Widely considered to be one of the most handsome royals on the planet (sorry, Harry), Carl is married to former reality star Sofia, who he shares two sons with – Prince Alexander (2 years) and Prince Gabriel (8 months). His profile shows not only pictures of him engaging in public events in his capacity as a member of the royal family, but also intimate snapshots of family life, including sweet pictures of his two children.

One particularly cute image is of big brother Alexander meeting his new baby brother, while another one taken on Valentine’s Day shows the family of four out and about on a daytrip of some kind. In this image, the Prince is even wearing a baby carrier, showing just how hands on he is as a father, while both members of the royal couple are wearing casual clothing – something even our royals barely do. In fact, our favourite picture is one of the duo wearing matching sunflower garlands as headbands – Coachella, eat your heart out.

While our royal family do post on their own official accounts - such as @KensingtonRoyal - and Princess Eugenie and the former Duchess of York both have their own public accounts, too, we'd still like to say Meghan Markle's former accounts resuscitated and Prince Harry getting his own one, too, so they could leave each other cute comments underneath their pictures.