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Princess Charlotte

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Oh, they grow up so fast! Just as we’ve gotten used to the idea of Prince George attending ‘big’ school, now Princess Charlotte is following in his footsteps, with the youngest royal set to start nursery in January.

In contrast to her elder brother, who went to the Westacre Montessori nursery in Norfolk where the family was then based, Charlotte will be attending Willocks Nursery School near Kensington Palace. The prestigious pre-school charges up to £9,150 per year for morning sessions, and has a lengthy waiting list, with parents can sign up to on the birth of their child. No doubt it’ll be more in demand than ever now Princess Charlotte has been confirmed as an attendee.

Here’s what else we know about Willcocks…

It’s expensive

Parents can opt to send children to either the morning or afternoon schools, with the former costing £3050 per term and the latter clocking in at £1800, with both setting you back £14,500 per year. A deposit of £1500 is also required, which will be returned after the final term, while ‘lunch club’ is £580 per term, too.

Its staff is all-female

Princess Charlotte will probably be taught by Miss Rosa or Miss Gillian, who are in charge of two to four-year-olds.

It’s tailored towards younger children

The school is predominantly aimed at those aged two and three years old, but children up to 5 can attend.

Ofsted rated it ‘outstanding’

According to the 2012 report, ‘The educational programme is outstanding. Children actively participate in activities that relate to all areas of learning. Topic themes include outings in the local community and visitors to the nursery. This enables children to gain first-hand experiences that effectively consolidate their learning.’

The Duke and Duchess will be there on her first day

According to the Willock’s website, the Duke and Duchess will be there on Charlotte’s first day, to help her settle in. ‘You and your child will be invited for a short 'stay and play'. Once settled, you will be asked to leave for a short period to see if your child is happy to be left,’ it says.

They’ll have Princess Charlotte’s favourite toys

The school asks parents to fill in a questionnaire about their child’s favourite toys so that the nursery can have them ready, too. ‘Sometimes separation can be upsetting and we ask you to be patient. Each child is an individual; a toy or photograph from home or a picture of their Key Teacher to take home can link home and nursery and be very helpful,’ it advises.

She’ll be indulging her favourite pastime: dancing

The school has a timetable that includes singing, poetry, cooking, acting, jigsaws and nature, as well as dancing, which the Duchess of Cambridge revealed her daughter loved earlier this year. Children can also expect to begin to learn to read, write and understand simple numbers, too.

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