Eva Mendes Has Joined Instagram. We Repeat. Eva Mendes Has Joined Instagram

Her first picture is genuinely adorkable (sorry, but there's no other word that adequately describes it)

Eva Mendes on Instagram

by Stevie Martin |
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In case you didn’t get this from the headline, Eva Mendes has joined Instagram and we’re all really looking forward to seeing the pics she posts of Ryan Gosling. Or other pictures. Not just Ryan Gosling (all right, just Ryan Gosling).

The actress joined yesterday, and kicked off this new era in our lives with a cracking picture of her as a kid looking adorably gawky:

Joking around about Ryan Gosling aside, it looks like Eva will be using Insty to publicise her clothing line for New York & Company and her Walgreen’s cosmetic line CIRCA (mainly because this is what it says in her bio. We are great detectives). But hopefully there’ll also be a bit of an insight into her family life as well. Just because we’re really nosey and want to know what Eva Mendes gets up to in her down time.

Apart from looking really hot and making everything she wears look amazing, obviously.

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