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Is It Just Us, Or Is Emmanuel Macron’s Security Team Seriously Chic?

© Shutterstock

Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte have a reputation for being the chicest couple in international politics (they are French, after all…), with the First Lady in particular being fawned over for her innate sense of style, which sees her wearing mini-skirts (over the age of 40!), Jackie O sunglasses and a lot of Louis Vuitton.

So, it comes as no surprise that their entire team oozes an equal amount of je ne sais quoi, as this recent image from their arrival in Washington DC prove. Dressed impeccably in well-cut black suits, there’s a certain level of coordination going on here, which we just can’t imagine seeing from another world leader’s security squad. (Note: the less glamourous gentleman in the blue tie appears to be from the US’s secret service).

Two individuals in particular caught our eye: the gentleman with the model good-looks and rakishly skinny tie, and the very glamorous female aide with her insouciant chignon, red lip and black tuxedo jacket. The former is giving Karl Lagerfeld's famous sexy bodyguard, Sebastien Jondeau, a run for his money...

So, what’s the deal here? Do they share a stylist with the Macrons? Are French people really all born with an innate sense of style? Is French girl marketing all real? We’ll leave you to decide.