Emmanuel Macron Spends More Money On Makeup Than Kim Kardashian

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Forget looking to French supermodels and bloggers for beauty inspiration, and move over Brigitte, because it turns out Emmanuel Macron is the ultimate makeup enthusiast.

It has been reported by Business Insider that France’s president has racked up a bill of €26,000 (£24,000) on makeup in just three months since he was appointed, which works out at £8,000 a month. To put that into perspective, Kim Kardashian West supposedly spends around $2,000 (around £1,500) on her beauty routine, so Macron is spending more than five times as much as her.

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According to a report in France’s Le Point magazine, Macron has appointed a mysterious make-up artist known as ‘Natacha M’ ‘as a matter of urgency’ who beautifies him before every public appearance. The reports claimed that her bill came in two parts – one for €10,000 and one for €16,000.

A spokesperson for Macron said the high spending on makeup was due to ‘press conferences and foreign travel’ and the cost of flying ‘Natacha M’ around with the president. The spokesperson also confirmed that makeup expenditure would be ‘reduced significantly’ in the future.

This news is damaging to the new President’s popularity, and one member of the opposition conservative Republican party branded him as a ‘hyper-vain president’.

While Macron’s beauty spending habits and desire for a glam squad are excessive, they aren’t out of the ordinary - his predecessor François Hollande allegedly spent an average of €6,000 on makeup and €10,000 on hair every month.

In light of recent rumours that [Vladimir Putin is a big fan of Botox](Vladimir Putin Is Flying The Flag For Male Cosmetic Procedures ), is this the age of male politicians flying the flag for expensive beauty maintenance?

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