Emma Watson’s Lookalike Is Blowing Our Minds

Hermoine Granger, is that you?

Emma Watson's Lookalike Is Blowing Our Minds

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Guys, there's an Emma Watson lookalike living amongst us muggles, and the Internet just can't take it. 27-Year-old Kari Lewis, from Indianapolis, has been named as Emma's doppleganger, and we can see why. The similarities are so uncanny it's scary.

Lewis, who has garnered over 10,000 Instagram followers since the discovery, has been posting selfies of herself dressed up as Hermoine Granger from Harry Potter and Belle from* Beauty and the Beast* - both of which are characters played by Watson.


Speaking to Buzzfeed, Lewis said: 'I didn't know who Emma Watson was when I was first spotted at a postal office and a couple of young girls told me I looked like Hermoine Granger. If it wasn't for those two young girls, I probably wouldn't have known about Harry Potter until a bit later. I think they sort of started my dive into the Harry Potter world.'

'I think it's super cool because I've always related to Hermoine in the books (smart, bossy, avid reader, etc). So, it makes cosplaying as Hermoine at conventions a thousand times better!'.

When she's not dressing up as Watson and fooling the unsuspecting public, Lewis can be found working in a video rental shop and looking after her 7-year-old daughter.

As well as looking alike, both Lewis and Watson also have similar interests, with Lewis claiming that she's interested in acting. Guess we know who could stand in as Watson's double, should she ever need one!

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