Emma Watson’s Recent Acting Research Included Accosted Pregnant Women In The Street

‘Can I talk to you?’ she'd ask. To get prepped for a role where she played a mum.


by Sophie Cullinane |
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Emma Watson’s been doing the rounds (looking absolutely amazing) promoting Noah, the controversial new Darron Aronofky directed epic which has already been banned in three Arab countries.


The film is based on the classic Bible story of Noah's Ark and Russell Crowe stars as the Noah, Jennifer Connelly plays his wife and Emma Watson plays a daughter who has a thing for her adopted brother. (Ew). It’s kind of a dark role for Emma, and she had to do a lot of preparation including – bizarrely – running up to pregnant women in the street and asking them questions. ‘I did a lot a research because I become a mother in the story, and obviously have never given birth myself, that required quite a lot of careful thinking,' Emma told Reuters. 'Darren and I had this conversation where we both agreed that in so many films, women give birth and it looks like they're barely breaking a sweat. We wanted it to feel very raw, very real and so I took it pretty seriously.’


To make sure she got it right, Emma needed to speak to people who’d gone through it themselves. ‘Any pregnant woman anywhere, I'd be like, "Can I talk to you? Can I talk to you about your experience?”’. Can we just pause here for a moment and think about what it would feel like to have Hermione run up to you in the street and demand to know about your pregnancy? It’s a very pleasing image isn’t it? Her preparation didn’t stop there. ‘I spoke to my own mother a lot, obviously, and then I watched a lot of YouTube videos of natural births, lots of documentaries, spoke to midwives, just any information I could get my hands on, really.’

Good to know she's prepped for on screen - and off screen - action in the future.

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