Emma Watson’s Got Some Good Advice On Making Your Life That Much More Meaningful

The days when things just happened to her are long gone – now she makes things happen …


by Sophie Wilkinson |

Sometimes it’s hard to relate to multimillion pound Hollywood star Emma Watson, but she’s made a really great self-helpy point about making the universe work for you by being really proactive and getting shit done.

‘I never really thought I’d become an actress or become famous,’ the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador said in an interview.

‘It was something that happened to me. They came to my school. They saw me and they took photographs of me. I was taken up to London to audition. I just happened to be picked up and put in one of the biggest film franchises of all time.’

So far, so humblebraggy… but, think about it, Hollywood (and her parents who signed the release forms, we guess) decided so much of her life, based on a couple of events.

Having spent more than half of her life in the international spotlight, with some of it spent working towards a degree at Oxford and Brown Universities, she told Total Film: ‘I wanted to feel active in what happened to me in my life. I wanted to be able to move myself into a place where I felt like I was driving my career and my life, rather than just responding to things that happened to me. I wanted to try to make it my own.’

She explained that she felt ‘very passive’ when she was younger. Now, we know that it’s a lot easier to make decisions about your life when you’re rich and famous than if you’re poor and have made no mark on the world whatsoever.

But if we can all be a little more like Emma Watson – doing what we can to make our mark on the world, instead of letting the world just do stuff to us, over and over – then we’re going to make it a better place for us, right?

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