Emma Watson’s Rationale Behind Keeping Her Love Life Private Is Genius

Emma Watson

by Rebecca Cope |
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Emma Watson has revealed the real reason why she won't discuss her love life in interviews and it's just as smart and well-thought out as you'd think.

The Harry Potter starlet, who has been in the spotlight since the tender age of 10, has never been a gossip column staple for her relationships, with little being known about who she dates. (She is currently thought to be dating Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur called Mark).

In an interview for the March issue of Vanity Fair, she has explained that this is ultimately not only to protect her privacy but also to avoid the paparazzi circus.

'I want to be consistent: I can’t talk about my boyfriend in an interview and then expect people not to take paparazzi pictures of me walking around outside my home. You can’t have it both ways,' she said.

'I’ve noticed, in Hollywood, who you’re dating gets tied up into your film promotion and becomes part of the performance and the circus. I would hate anyone that I were with to feel like they were in any way part of a show or an act,' she continued.

She also opened up about her take on fan selfies and more specifically her recent decision to stop taking them.

'For me, it’s the difference between being able to have a life and not,' she said. 'If someone takes a photograph of me and posts it, within two seconds they’ve created a marker of exactly where I am within 10 meters. They can see what I’m wearing and who I’m with. I just can’t give that tracking data.'

However, there are of course exceptions: 'I have to carefully pick and choose my moment to interact. When am I a celebrity sighting versus when am I going to make someone’s freakin’ week? Children I don’t say no to, for example.'

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