Emma Watson Gives Great Advice To Young Women On Twitter

She tells a young girl to become an engineer, and basically kicks arse on Twitter


by Debrief Staff |

After the launch of Emma Watson’s HeForShe campaign, where she went to Davos and addressed an array of the most important names in business in a bid to get them to start helping women fight inequality, she’s taken to Twitter for a Q&A.

But it’s not your average ‘OOH, ask me about what cheese I like and how often I work out’ celeb Twitter question-answering spree; Emma basically gave advice to young women who are struggling with sexism.

Because she’s awesome. And about to play Belle in the upcoming Beauty And The Beast movie, which made us all explode with joy this time yesterday.

From getting told they can’t do the degrees they want, to men asking what they can do to help women on a daily basis, Emma nailed every question in the Q&A with short, sharp and inspirational responses. Here are the highlights, in case you don’t have time to go back through her Twitter timeline:

Emma On ‘Men’s Jobs’

Emma On How To Deal With Gender Inequality

Emma On The Career/Family Question

Emma On Women In The Army

Emma On Why It Hasn’t Happened Yet

Emma On How To Make It Happen

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