Emma Watson’s New Film Makes Under £50 At UK Box Office

Emma Watson The Colony

by Edwina Langley |
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We've heard very little about Emma Watson's new film The Colony and we think we've uncovered why. It was first screened in Toronto last year, but when it opened in the States earlier this year, it made under £20k. Quite a lot under, in fact: £15,709.

But if you think that's bad, wait a minute – sadly, it gets worse...

When it finally hit UK screens on Friday last week, The Colony made it into three cinemas. And in those three cinemas, it made this amount: £47.


We're holding off from wincing at the sum too hard just yet though because, well, we've hardly heard of the film. This must surely mean it didn't cost all that much to make, right?

Yes that's right, only $11million (according to Varity). Hardly anything...

Reasons for the film's abysmal performance largely point to its terrible reviews, the fact it went straight to video on demand, and that none of the cast did interviews or press to promote it.

Still, it must have left director Jeff Renfroe pretty down in the dumps regardless. For anyone still interested in seeing it – or for those keen to get its earnings above the grand sum of £50 – it tells the true story of a young woman (played by Emma) on a mission to rescue her boyfriend from a religious cult in Chili.

See the trailer below...

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