This Doll Of Emma Watson As Belle Looks Like Justin Bieber And It’s Oh-So Wrong

Oh my god make it stop make it stop.

This Doll Of Emma Watson As Belle Looks Like Justin Bieber And It’s Oh-So Wrong

by Alyss Bowen |
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Never in your wildest dreams did you expect to go online and see a photo of a doll that resembles Justin Bieber, dressed in a yellow dress with a wig on. Well, Brexit happened and Trump was made president of the United States, so you know this happened IRL too.

Yes, this is real life, and no the doll was not meant to look like Bieber. The doll, available from American store JC Penney, is meant to look like Emma Watson from her upcoming role as Belle in Beauty and the Beast. I can confirm that it does not. Oh no. Oh no no no no. Oh dear.

I literally cannot stop looking at it. That forehead. The teeny tiny chin. The way Bell/Bieber looks as if she (he?) is staring into your soul. She knows I ate three slices of cake yesterday and she is judging me. A doll is judging me. I wonder how Emma feels about this doll, is she pissed off that whoever created it thinks that's what she looks like? Or does she not give AF? The internet is pretty divided/mortified by it, I feel like Emma must be too...

We agree with Zach on this one, someone needs to remove these dolls from the world, immediately.

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