Emma Stone Talks Toppling Anxiety: ‘I’m Just Less Scared Of Failing’

The actress credits a role on Broadway with helping her to overcome panic attacks...

Emma Stone Talks Toppling Anxiety: ‘I’m Just Less Scared Of Failing’

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Emma Stone, the adorkably lovely actress, has spoken of how working on Broadway has helped her with the panic attacks and anxiety she used to get.

She told Diane Keaton (another Woody Allen acolyte, and no, we’re not sure how to feel about that. At all) in Interview magazine that working on Broadway as Sally Bowles in Cabaret has really helped her relax at work.

‘It's totally different when you’re shooting something. But only in the past six months to a year have I felt like I can really try these different things,’ she said.

‘I think I was really scared of that for a long time. And if something was really challenging, I thought that I was just going to fall on my face and embarrass myself. I’m just less scared of that now; of failing.’

Which is pretty amazing, considering she used to suffer panic attacks from aged eight and ‘was just kind of immobilised by it. I didn’t want to go to my friends’ houses or hang out with anybody, and nobody really understood.’

What helped her cope? Acting, because ‘it gave me a sense of purpose’ and baking, because ‘I think I felt really out of control of my surroundings. I was just baking all the time. It seemed like it made me feel, if I put these in, I’ll know what the outcome is.’

If her baking is as good as her acting, then we’d love to try those cakes.

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