Emma Stone Takes Swipe At Andrew Garfield For ‘Femininity’ Comment

Her impatience when he says needlework is a 'feminine' skill is quite something to behold...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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In the world of superhero films and their promotion, you wouldn’t expect there to be much room for an actress, who basically plays the damsel in distress, put her boyfriend, who plays the hero, on the spot. But not every superhero film has Emma Stone at its helm.

In a recent Q+A, done for an assortment of Spiderman-obsessed children, Andrew was asked how Spidey made his outfit. He replied, quite sweetly, that the webslinger sewed the whole thing, but then mucked up when he said that, actually, ‘It’s kind of a feminine thing to do, but he made a very masculine costume.’

A very impatient-looking Emma then chipped in. Andrew tried to bring it back, and Jamie Foxx – who also stars in the film – plays the moment for laughs, but what Emma says definitely makes its mark. Check out the video below…

Emma’s pro-women values are basically everywhere right now. She’s spent this entire promotional run talking about her adoration for the Spice Girls, she’s bigged up Jennifer Lawrence, saying she is ‘so grateful that she exists in the world’ and also, unprompted, told Stylist of her adulation for Ellen Page, who recentlycame out: ‘There are new methods to inspire women and speak to women. Like Ellen Page, did you see that?’

Is there room in our hearts for another down-to-earth Hollywood actress, when the likes of Lupita Nyong'o and Jennifer Lawrence already occupy so much of our love? For Emma Stone, entirely. That said, we’d have loved to have seen how Emma and Andrew patched up their little altercation.

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