Emma Stone Loves The Spice Girls. We Love Emma Stone That Little Bit More

The actress was so totally fanatical she committed their signatures to memory...


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Are you ready? Seriously… are you ready? Because we want you to totally reconfigure the scale of how much you love Emma Stone because she has made us go and like her so much more than we ever thought possible.

Why? Because the Spider-Man actress is such an über-Spice Girls fan that she can forge all five of the girls’ signatures. At a time when chip and pin and consecutive nights out with drinks in our hands means we can barely remember our own signatures, Emma can still remember the autographs of her school-time heroes.

Before she went on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, he asked her to have a go at doing the signatures, and it transpired that she remembers them as well as ever: ‘I did a quick little reminder in the dressing room beforehand... but, yes, when I was 10 I memorised all of their autographs on their merchandise, which makes you feel like you have their autographs but you don't because it's been copied worldwide.’

See, with dedication like that, it’s not hard to see why she’s almost as famous as the Spice Girls themselves (we mean, she’s not Pepsi-advert, branded-yoghurts and her-own-merchandise famous but, in the grand scheme of things, compared to your average Joe, she’s up there).

Emma, who used to be called Emily before adopting the stage name of Emma (fancy!) said that she sort of borrowed the name off of Baby Spice, Emma Bunton. 'When I was in second grade, I did ask the teacher on the first day of school to call me Emma because I always wanted to be Baby Spice,' she said. ‘It stuck for like a day and I didn't know that years later, everybody would be calling me “Emma.” I'm now Baby Spice for life.’

This isn’t the only time she’s professed to be a Spice Girls fan – last month, she wept on Australian TV as she was shown a pre-recorded message for her from none other than Mel B – and it wasn’t because she was scared of Scary Spice, it’s because she loves her. Obviously!

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