Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield’s Photobomb Proves How Cool They Are

Their decision to invade a fan's invasion of their own privacy might have actually undone the novelty of taking photos of celebs caught unaware...


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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have basically cemented their status as the couple everyone loves to love by photobombing the attempted stealthy photo a nosy diner tried to take of them at dinner.

A grinning Emma and a smiling Andrew (she has got wonderful teeth) leaned into the photo that a Reddit user then uploaded to the social media site: ‘My friend tried to secretly snap a pic of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield eating dinner – here’s the result.’

In some way, Emma and Andrew are encouraging people to take photos of their idols, or even someone they just saw on the telly once. The thought process might play out as: ‘If Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield got all smiley for another fan’s photo, maybe I’ll get a cool photobomb when I try to take photo of [insert name of fame-tired celebrity here] when they’re eating!’

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Or, more hopefully for celebrities of Andrew and Emma’s ilk, who prefer to keep their public appearances to the ones they’re contractually obliged to do as part of their work, Andrew and Emma will get fans to think: ‘There’s no way up from there. Celebrity photobombs have peaked. I’m never going to get a photobomb as good as that, so if I see a celebrity in a restaurant I might as well keep my hands on my own cutlery and continue to eat my tasty dinner that is probably quite expensive because I’m eating in the same place as rich and famous people’.

Or, maybe, Andrew and Emma were simply feeling a little silly, and wanted to show the photographer that, yes, they know exactly what you’re doing and we’re going to laugh at you because if you just look up you might be able to see us IRL instead of through your screen.

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Regardless, we can add this to the humungous list of great things that the Spiderman-starring pair have done, like just last week, when they went out and Andrew’s beard was matched with Emma’s dress.

Or a while back, when they realised paparazzi were lurking outside the restaurant they were in, so left guarding their faces with hastily-written napkins imploring people to focus their attention on charities instead of them.

Oh, and what about the time Emma totally schooled Andrew on what femininity is, saying that it’s not quite needlepoint and delicacy.

Is it OK to have a crush on an entire couple? Because we so do on Emma and Andrew, beard and all.

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