Nobody Holidays Quite Like Emily Ratajkowski

Turns out, her Instagram feed is more relatable than we first thought (well, sort of...)


by Danielle Fowler |
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That's it. We're completely and utterly obsessed with Emily Ratajkowski. Oh, and her Instagram feed.

The model-turned-actress has spent the past two weeks travelling Italy and has kept her followers updated on her every move (whether they like it or not).

From 'candid' bikini snaps to aesthetically pleasing flat lays, Emily is certainly no stranger to curating the perfect holiday album.

You may want to grab a pen...

The Aesthetic

When planning on Instagramming the bleep out of your holiday, you need to make sure to find a picturesque (social media friendly) location. And Emily clearly isn't new to the game...

'Oh okay...'

The model posted several photographs of candy-coloured houses sitting on rocky mountainsides over the course of two weeks. Jealous, us? Narrr...

Clever Co-Ordination

And when you have such Instagrammable surroundings, you need to ensure that you pack accordingly. A perfect example of 'Jetleisure' at its finest people.

'Absolute Dream...'

Yes, Emily made sure to pack co-ordinating get-ups in her suitcase this summer. Cue a pastel pink two-piece and silky pyjama-style set...

The Coffee Cup Snap

The model snapped several selfies with an expresso cup to hand proving it's the ultimate accessory when holidaying. When in Italy...

'Under the Tuscan Sun'

The 'I Woke Up Like This'

The model posted a selfie complete with full make-up, gold jewellery and a makeshift towel hair-wrap.

'Dolce Vita'

We're not quite sure we'd garner the same social media praise...

The 'Candid'

We're all guilty of it. "Quick! Take a picture of me pretending to look down by this aesthetically pleasing plant." And Emily's 'candid' snaps certainly never disappoint...

'Sun Baby'

The Flat Lay

Again, we've all been there. How many times have you insisted nobody takes a bite from their food until you have taken the perfect aerial shot?

'Feeling like the Princess of Positano!'

Though we have to admit, we wouldn't be surprised if she is in fact the Princess of Positano...

The Hunt For Natural Lighting

Who needs a Lumee case when you have an Italian sunset?

'Magic Hour'

The Selfie (With Family Members In The Background)

Sometimes, it's difficult to curate the perfect backdrop and you have to take the photo regardless. After all, who knows whether you will find the great (totally Instagrammable) balance of great outfit and lighting again?


It's safe to say, we're more obsessed/frustrated with her than ever.

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