Elle Macpherson Regrets Appearing In ‘Friends’

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Remember Joey Tribbiani’s unfeasibly attractive roommate Janine, who enjoyed a brief storyline arc in season six of Friends and was played by none other than Elle Macpherson? Well, the 52-year-old supermodel has some brand new information about her infamous cameo, and – spoiler alert – it turns out that she has very mixed feelings about her appearance on the perennially popular sitcom.

Speaking to Australia’s TV Week, Elle revealed that she has some regrets about taking the role of Janine (whose surname was LeCroix, as in, almost Lacroix, darling) because the show still gets watched today. ‘If I’d known how important it was in the U.S. – or how long it would be on TV – I may not have chosen to do it,’ she said. ‘It was a lot of pressure if you look at it in the way that it will be around for 20 or 30 years.’ Given how many times we’ve seen each and every episode repeated, first on E4 and now on Comedy Central, we take her point.

elle macpherson friends
Elle Macpherson with Matt LeBlanc in Friends ©Getty Images

The model, who appeared in just five episodes, went on to disclose that the show’s producers asked her to return for more – an invitation that she turned down because she was living in London at the time. So we’ll never know whether Janine might have been Joey’s lobster all along, although Elle did reveal that Matt LeBlanc was both a ‘great working partner’ and a ‘good kisser.’

‘Friends is still very popular where we live in America, and re-runs are on constantly,’ Elle recently told The Western Australian. So popular, in fact, that it’s not her extensive modelling career that impresses her teenage son’s friends – it’s her brief turn as Joey’s roomie. ‘They know me as Janine Lecroix and they are always like, “Oh you know Cy’s mum, she is on Friends,”’ she explained. ‘They haven’t figured out it was nearly 20 years ago. They still think I am on Friends.’

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