Elizabeth Olsen Met Taylor Swift And It Was Really Awkward

We think we'd act really cool if we met Taylor Swift, but we'd probably just do an Elizabeth Olsen.

Elizabeth Olsen Met Taylor Swift And It Was Really Awkward

by Stevie Martin |
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Maybe in your head you'd act all cool if you met Taylor Swift, but in actuality, you'd probably just act exactly how Elizabeth Olsen did when she described meeting the singer in a Speakeasy on The Late Late Show With James Corden. As in, awkwardly, gawkily, and totally losing your ability to speak like a normal human.

'I really love her, and earlier in my ballet class, I was doing a dance sequence to her music,' she said of the awks encounter. 'I only listen to her music when I’m working out, which is a little too often because of Avengers. And I just talked at her for like a long time. I think I blew it because we didn’t exchange phone numbers or anything.'

It gets a bit worse, too. 'She was asking me which song it was, and I couldn’t remember the song title, and I wasn’t going to sing it for her!' she added. 'I’m still nervous thinking about it right now.'

Anyone who has ever gone 'Oh I love that film' only to then not be able to remember the title, and look like a total liar/dick will feel Elizabeth Olsen right now. It could have happened to any one of us.

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