Ed Sheeran Wants To Set Up Taylor Swift, But We’re Not So Sure About His Matchmaking Skills

Ed put the cupid bow and arrow down, and stick to playing the guitar


by Lena deCasparis |
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So in our eyes Ed Sheeran can do no wrong. He’s the most loveable, adorkable (that’s adorable crossed with dorky FYI) pop star EVER. And we love him, we really do. However when it comes to his matchmaking skills for our fave gal, and his BFF, Taylor Swift – well we think he’s a little bit off.

This week Ed told Now magazine that he hoped he could set up Taylor with none other that Orlando Bloom. He said ‘He’s lovely, and they live in the same building. [I'm hoping that] the magic might present itself eventually.’

Er, we’re not so sure.

Now don’t get us wrong we’ve had a soft spot for floppy haired Mr Bloom since his Pirate days, and when he took a swing at Bieber earlier this year well we know which side of the ring we were on.

But is he worthy of all that is T-Swift? The jury is out. And let’s not forget Bloom's also already dated Taylor’s BFF Selena, we predict that might make this matchmake very unlikely as Taylor is 100% 'Sisters Before Misters'.

Ultimately we think Tay can do better, but then we're not sure there is any man who is worthy!

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