Wait, Dr Alex George Has Joined OnlyFans?

The former Love Islander and part-time A&E doctor has signed up to the famous site.

Alex George OnlyFans

by Guy Pewsey |

If you've heard of OnlyFans, then you'll probably know that its primary use is in the sex sphere. All over the world, men and women are offering subscriptions to their feeds, with their paying fans receiving access to risqué or explicit images and clips, with the cost decided by them. It makes a lot of people a lot of money, and many users credit the platform with making them feel more liberated and happy in their own skin. But did you know that OnlyFans isn't just for the more X rated stuff? Well, you do know, as Dr Alex George - former Love Islander and part-time A&E doctor - has joined the platform for other purposes.

According to OnlyFans, Dr Alex will be 'using the platform to share content that aims to support those who need advice from a mental health perspective. Providing content for an older demographic to complement his youth work as government ambassador, Dr Alex hopes to cover all bases as the nation navigates out of the longest lockdown to date.'

Dr Alex, who was recently recruited as a Mental Health Ambassador by the government, has also commented on what many will see as an unorthodox career move. 'My aim is to share wellbeing and self-care advice on all platforms, making trusted and engaging content available online. Therefore, for the over-18 age group, I have set up an OnlyFans page which is completely FREE to access, no paywall whatsoever. Followers can expect regular posts and videos around mental health, self-care and positivity. I am excited to create a like-minded online community on OnlyFans.' You can find his profile here.

'I think everyone can say that this year has affected their mental health that we've all been put under strain,’ Alex told us earlier this year, as he spoke out on the mental health crisis that has emerged in lockdown.

‘But I think, as adults, we are able to cope with things much better than children. Children don't have the same coping mechanisms, or the understanding necessarily, to be able to deal with some situations,’ he adds, 'so they need support more than ever. And if you look at mental health, in children and young adolescents, we were facing a crisis before the pandemic. Rates of suicide are on the rise - anxiety, depression and eating disorders are all on the rise - so it was time we did something anyway.'

OnlyFans is used by many celebrities, including Bella Thorne and Chris Brown. You can see who else is on the platform, and who is making the most money, here.

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