‘Well… I’ve Still Not Met Blur’: Donatella Versace Confirms Hilarious Blue Mix-Up At Milan Fashion Week

Luckily, twenty years later, everyone can laugh about the mortifying mistake.

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Have you ever accidentally invited someone to a party? If you have, chances are you've never made as big a mistake as Donatella Versace. The designer hit headlines earlier this week when Antony Costa from Blue - yes, stay with us - recalled the time that his band were flown over to Milan Fashion Week in 2001. Apart from, Donatella actually wanted to invite Blur - but their assistant got confused, and got in touch with Blue instead.

(They are similar names, so it's an easy mistake to make, to be fair.)

'In 2001 we released our first single. It was going really well for us and we got invited to Milan Fashion Week by Donatella Versace,' he said on Ben Hanlin's Ben Behaving Dadly podcast. 'So we got kitted out by Versace at Bond Street. We got a private plane out there, they flew us out there. We landed, went to the fashion show, and afterwards they were like "Look, we want you to meet Donatella".'

But Donatella apparently didn't seem too impressed at the mix-up, and didn't say anything when she saw the band. Blue were obviously confused that Donatella had blanked them, but it all became clear why after they left. 'To cut a long story short, when we get back to London, and she had invited Blur and not Blue,' Antony said. He even added that Alex James from Blur told Antony years later: 'You took our tickets'. (Yep, you would be pretty annoyed, wouldn't you?)

So, while the hilarious anecdote might now be 20 years old, Donatella has reacted to the news - and pretty much confirmed the whole sorry mix-up. Reposting an article about the whole thing on Instagram, she simply wrote: 'Well... I've still not met Blur.' With a cry-face-laughing and shrug emoji thrown in for good measure. Absolutely iconic.

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