You Don’t Want To Watch Snoop Dogg And Psy’s New Video When You’re Hungover

Torturing your flatmate when they're hungover on the other hand…


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Fresh from his stint as the new face of, Snoop Dogg is having us believe he’s a lot less rich than he might be as he teams up with Psy for a new song. Hangover is a chaotic electro track with trap elements and little regard to the brains of anyone who’s actually hungover. And the video is very silly.

It starts off with Psy and Snoop Dogg in matching suits, Psy doubled over a toilet and Snoop smacking his back to help all the vom come up (the bromance equivalent of holding your BFF’s hair back?). It also features lots of twerking women, many different ways to get drunk in Korean tradition, some product placement we can’t quite recognise because it’s all in Korean, and Snoop looking strangely dapper in a suit.

If there were to be one main storyline, it’s where Snoop and Psy, rolling shots of sake on their face before bolting them, get drunk with a pair of middle-aged women, ending up at a karaoke bar with them. Pissed-up Psy then gets psy-chedelic visions that the women are much younger and prettier than they are.

The lyrics, trust us, are just as silly, and, luckily for Snoop, as much as they’re preoccupied with drinking and the subsequent mornings spent battling throbbing headaches, the rapper manages to slot in his trademark weed reference, saying he’s ‘waking and baking, shaking the fleas’.

As much as we’d like this to not get the same universal radioplay that Gangnam Style did, we’ll probably have a giggle putting it full blast on our speakers the next Saturday morning our flatmate is battling a hangover…

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