After Demi Moore Causes Debate, Is It Hygienic To Have A Carpet In Your Bathroom?

Demi has now said it was a choice made by her ex-husband Bruce Willis.

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The internet has a lot of questions about Demi Moore's bathroom, shown via an Instagram post sharing news about her new Dirty Diana podcast. Why is there a sofa? Is that a suit or armour? What is with the Ye Olde Tavern walls? But for many, including us, one query took priority. Demi: a carpet? In the bathroom?

We were baffled. So much so that we turned to some of our readers to check if they were as bamboozled as us. After the shock sunk in - 'Imagine having a bathroom so big you can put a sofa in it?' balked Lyanne - we got to hygiene.

'I have to mop up kids wee from my bathroom floor at least 3 times carpet would be gross!', says Lettie. 'Recently my friend bought a house which had a really dated en suite, where the whole room was carpeted...floor, side of bath, the actual toilet!'

'It’s a big no for me,' adds Alison. 'My parents thought carpet was the height of luxury, so for a short while we had a bathroom carpet. Didn’t last long, they get damp from steam, wet feet and you can imagine the rest.'

And now, Demi herself has spoken up on the matter, saying that the choice was made by her ex-husband Bruce Willis. 'That originally was a Bruce Willis choice, not to put it all on him,' she told Late Night With Seth Meyers. And she defended the carpet by noting they 'also live in the mountains where it gets really cold' (which kind of makes sense).

But enough about Bruce, is it hygienic? We did some searching and settled on the guidance from Carpet Right, who we imagined would be in the know. 'Unlike bathmats and small, scatter rugs, which can easily be removed and washed or replaced, carpet is a fairly permanent fixture', they point out via their website. 'Over time: mildew, mould and many other types of potentially harmful bacteria can build up as a result of prolonged moisture exposure in this particular room. While allergens may well be an important health consideration, it’s possible to combat this concern with various carpet treatments that work to prevent microbial production.'

Combatting this concern would be unnecessary if you went for tiling though, no? If a nationwide carpet shop is pointing out reasons not to buy carpet, then you should probably steer clear, right? Then again, the company also points out something that we just hadn't thought of, that may make you think again before dismissing the idea: safety. If, like us, you hate the idea of slipping as you get out of the shower, and especially if you have young kids, a soft floor may allay your worries.

Honestly, we're not quite sold. But we're feeling a bit more relaxed about seeing Demi's set-up.

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