Your Essential Reminder That David Cameron Was In A One Direction Video

Do you remember when the former prime minister was the sixth member?

David Cameron

by Bonnie McLaren |

One Direction were the biggest boyband in the world. And I miss them - as a five piece - on a daily basis. At least once a day, I listen to the This Is One Direction playlist on Spotify. One of my favourite tracks on there? Their widely overlooked mash up cover of Blondie's One Way or Another and The Undertones' Teenage Kicks, released in 2013 as the Comic Relief charity single. It is art; a masterpiece. One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks) debuted at number one. And as if that wasn't enough, it was rightfully nominated for a Brit Award in 2014.

What even I forget about, though, is the music video. Which I have just had to rewatch. They claim, at the start, that they filmed the video on tour, to save money for Comic Relief. And it features scenes of them on a charity trip to Africa, on tour, wearing red noses in the airport, and on stage in Japan. It features nice moments of Niall in the bath, and Zayn in bed. (I had to watch this, for work purposes.) It has an astounding 420,321,955 views.

However, the internet has suddenly remembered that part of the video which features former prime minister David Cameron. Part of the video is filmed outside 10 Downing Street - and when they start thrusting their hips, their mate Dave opens the door to appear behind them. It is truly bizarre. Someone uploaded the clip to Twitter yesterday, with the caption, ‘I just remembered this and I can’t stop laughing why are they doing THAT and why is David Cameron there.’ Later in the video, there’s another - even weirder - shot, where they are all hugging him. Leading us to ask the question: when did we forget that David Cameron was the sixth member of One Direction?

Anyway, Harry at least probably wouldn’t be too happy if you showed him the clip now. Not just because he is literally the coolest man alive, and those dance moves are questionable to say the least, but he probably isn’t the biggest fan of the Tories. At his recent gig at Camden’s Electric Ballroom, he invited Stormzy on stage, where they both sang Vossi Bop, shouting the famous lyric: ‘fuck the government and fuck Boris’.

Times have changed, probably for the better.

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