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New Pics: People Are Obsessing Over David Beckham's Hair, again

© Getty Images

Some social media commentators have described it as 'spray on'...

Over the years, we’ve seen David Beckham experiment with countless memorable hair styles, from the boyband-esque frosted tips of his ‘90s footballing debut and that infamous mohawk to his peroxide buzzcut and those equally infamous cornrows. And yet, the former footballer’s latest look could prove to be his most talked-about yet.

Why? At first glance, Beckham’s new hairdo is remarkable precisely because it’s so nondescript. It’s shorter and a little darker than usual, with a noticeably uniform hairline – hardly what we’re used to from someone who is famed for switching up his style in such a dramatic way. However, upon seeing photos of the star in Hong Kong this week, where he was speaking at a press conference for insurance company AIA, some fans were quick to point out the apparent contrast between Beckham’s new look and the much thinner hairdo shown in photos taken just days before, when he was relaxing poolside on holiday in Miami.

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Naturally, online speculation has tended towards one big question: has Beckham, 43, potentially undergone a hair transplant to counter the thinning hairline? When The Sun reached out to his representative for comment, he told the paper that ‘it was a matter of privacy whether it’s false or true.’ So don't expect him to confirm or deny the rumours any time soon.

Indeed, Beckham doesn't exactly appear to be letting this speculation get to him. On his Instagram account, he has been waxing lyrical about his trip to China, sharing a snap of him (and, yes, his new hairdo) on the Great Wall and writing, 'I feel so lucky that my work allows me to travel and to see beautiful places like this.'