David Beckham In His Pants. And The Other Moments From The Superbowl Worth Knowing About

No nipple gate though, sadly


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You know how you wait for the ad breaks during big televised events to use the loo/get a drink/make some popcorn, whatever? Well, with the Super Bowl it’s the opposite. At least, for the non-sports fans - ie: us. The US's biggest televised sporting event is all about the 'commercials' and the 'halftime performance' - you know, that thing that's brought us Janet Jackson's nipple-gate (10 years ago!) and Madonna's knicker-flashing (sadly, still in our too near memory). So how did last night's activities compare? (Oh, and the Seattle Seahawks won, just FYI.)

Only moment we really paid any attention to: David Beckham in his H&M Pants

He spends the whole ad in just a pair of tight boxers. They were kind enough to give us a butt close-up at one point. Definitely the best way to start your Monday:

Unexpected star of the show: 70-year-old man's mink coat

Former quarterback Joe Namath, nicknamed ‘Broadway Joe’ wore this giant fur coat to flip the coin at the start of the game. We're not sure why: but we can only assume Joe spent a lot on that thing and the milder weather was NOT going to change his wardrobe plans. For which we guess, er, respect?


Basic anti-climactic moment: Bruno Mars/Red Hot Chili Peppers halftime show

No wardrobe malfunctions. No drama. Just a straight-up performance of some songs. We did get nipples though – Anthony Kiedis was shirtless. Ironic that we doubt there’ll be any Janet Jackson-style complaints to the Federal Communications Commission for that.


**Pop-culture-meets-politic moment: The irony of Scarlett Johannson’s SodaStream Commercial **

Scarlett's controversial role as the face of SodaStream resulted in a split with Oxfam last week (they objected to her both supporting the charity and taking cash from a company that has factories operating in the occupied West Bank). So the line she delivered in last night's commercial - ‘I just love helping people’ - couldn’t have been more loaded, albeit accidentally.

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