David Beckham’s Alcohol Brand, Haig Club, Wants To Change Preconceptions About Whisky

Grazia also found out how to make David Beckham's favourite cocktail.

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If you’ve ever thought of whisky as a man’s drink,David Beckham wants to change your mind. In 2014, far before the trend of celebs starting their own drinks businesses, the former footballer helped to create the Scotch brand, Haig Club. But the brand has started to reach out, and find new audiences. Their latest offering is Haig Club Mediterranean Orange, a zesty and sweet take on whisky, which makes for incredibly light and refreshing cocktails.

Haig might be encouraging women to try whisky, which has long been associated with being a stuffy man’s drink - but the company make sure that women are involved, too. One of the brand’s ambassadors is mixologist Jenna Ba, who has been working in the industry for over ten years. Now a renowned name in the whisky world, Jenna also believes that drinks aren’t gendered.

And interestingly, she says she’s seen a huge change in the industry within the past four or five years - as it’s become less male-dominated. ‘This is a shoutout to every other woman who has been working in the industry, whether they’re an ambassador, or in sales, and we have so many distillers and blenders.’ In the past, she says that, previously, her and her colleagues had to avoid wearing black dresses at whiskey shows, as people would often mistaken them for hostesses.

While the new Haig club offering tastes excellent with mixers as simple as lemonade, Grazia did some investigating to find out David Beckham’s favourite cocktail - the Haig Club sungroni. And, importantly, how you can make it at home.

But don’t worry if you’re not a cocktail making whizz, and worried about not having any equipment, Jenna advises not to bother shelling out for new stuff anyway. ‘Don’t get specialist equipment,’ she says, ‘because you can use your water bottle or a protein shaker as a shaker.’ She also recommends being ‘flexible about glassware’ and taking ‘every recipe with a pinch of salt.’

‘It's just like a food recipe,’ she adds. ‘It's yours to like play with. And always a little bit less what you want and then grow, rather than going all the way sweet, all the way sour.’

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©Haig club

Haig Club Mediterranean Orange Sungroni

50ml Haig Club Mediterranean Orange

20ml Bitter Syrup (Monin bitter)

Sweet Rosso Vermouth 25ml (Martini)

Orange Bitters 3 drops

  1. Mix all in rocks glass over ice, squeeze an orange wedge, stir.
  1. Garnish with the orange wedge, a sprig of rosemary and enjoy!

If that doesn't take your fancy, another favourite is a cocktail called the garden plot, which contains apple juice.

Haig Club Orchard Spritz

50ml Haig Club Mediterranean Orange

10ml Lemon

100ml Green smooth apple juice

Approx. 4x Basil leaves

  1. Shake all ingredients together and double strain with a tea strainer (to remove basil) into a wine glass over cold ice.
  1. Here’s an extra tip for you: if you keep your glass in the freezer for about 15 minutes before making the cocktail it’ll make the cocktail extra fresh

Buy Haig Club Mediterranean Orange here.

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