Dapper Laughs Signals His Return With A Tweet

Dapper Laughs is back, but will he be doing the same old schtick?


by Stevie Martin |
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It’s been a while since pick-up artist Dapper Laughs (known for yelling ‘She knows!’ at women and giving such tips as ‘Just show her your penis. If she cries, she’s just playing hard to get’) appeared on Newsnight in a turtleneck, saying he was sorry for offending everyone and that he’s just a good guy doing some funny but misguided jokes.

Now Daniel O’Reilly (real name) is back on Twitter, posting his first tweet since 8 November. And if there was ever a turtleneck in tweet form, then this is it:

His TV show has been cancelled, the ‘character’ he claims he was doing is now pretty much universally reviled, but there are certainly tens of thousands of people who would love to see him get back on the Dapper Laughs wagon, telling women to ‘get your gash out then’.

On the other hand, he could just stick to some of his non-gender-based vines, as some of them are actually pretty funny. It’ll be interesting to see how the Dapper Revival plays out...

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