The Viral Video Starring Cynthia Nixon Everyone’s Talking About

The ground-breaking short film, called Be A Lady They Said, challenges the societal standards placed on women


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Cynthia Nixon, who many fondly know as Miranda from Sex and the City, has just starred In a video that debunks societal expectations for women. In the short film, Cynthia recites a blog post from Camille Rainville titled: Be A Lady, They Said. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to stop what you’re doing and watch it.

In true Miranda form, Cynthia highlights the ridiculous standards that are placed on women in society: ‘look sexy, look hot, don’t be so provocative'. This includes, but not limited to, the way women: dress, act, eat, date, work, parent, wax, drink and wear their hair.

The video begins with typical messages that women are used to hearing from a young age: ‘your skirt is too short’, ‘don’t show so much skin.’ The dialogue then becomes more brutal as the narration is interspliced with uncomfortable, powerful imagery that highlights the toxic way that women are spoken to by the media, and one another. Images such as raw meat swinging on a bone, anal bleaching and pubic hair are some of the selected images intended to shock the audience.

The narration focuses on the ever-changing beauty standards that women are expected to achieve: ‘Don’t be too fat, don’t be too thin, eat up, slim down, stop eating so much, order a salad.’ This confronts the lack of body positivity that women encounter and the constant reminders from society to be thinner or fatter or just better looking.

The video also raises the implication of women facing blame when they are raped; ‘’Don’t get raped, don’t drink too much, don’t walk alone, don’t go out too late, don’t dress like that.” This video directly challenges these statements and demonstrates the unbelievable pressure that is placed on women to achieve perfection on a daily basis.

Cynthia Nixon is being celebrated for her powerful performance, which has already gained thousands of views.

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