Nobody Asked For This Crude Stand-Up Set From Curtis Pritchard

'Looking back now it reminds me of Love Island because when the dogs are in season they go crazy, there [were] bitches running around left, right and centre.'

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We might not have been so busy over lockdown - but Curtis Pritchard certainly has. He's been on Celebs Go Dating, and it's been announced that he, along with his brother AJ, will be joining the cast of Hollyoaks. Great! We all admire the hustle after appearing on a reality show! Respect it, even, However, it's his latest career change which is going to raise a few eyebrows - he's now trying stand-up comedy, and it doesn't sound like it's going to go down too well.

Hear us out here, OK. Curtis can be funny - the moment he said he wanted to be the one to wake up and make everyone a cup of coffee in the morning when he was breaking up with Amy on Love Island was one of the funniest things which has ever happened on British television.

But, unfortunately, the quotes from new Channel 4 show Stand Up And Deliver just aren't funny. Actually, they're crude, unoriginal, offensive and misogynistic.

File them under things we absolutely do not want to see. Quotes from The Sun show that Curtis is going to publicly reignite his feud with ex-girlfriend Maura Higgins, implying that she is a cheat. But it's his comparison of the Love Island women to dogs that is most concerning here.

According to the paper, he will say how he used to work in a dog kennel and that it meant he was ready for the dating show. 'Looking back now it reminds me of Love Island because when the dogs are in season they go crazy, there [were] bitches running around left, right and centre,' he reportedly says. 'They were trying to ride each other non-stop, it was wild.' We don't have to explain why comparing women to 'bitches' 'trying to ride each other' just isn't very funny at best - and misogynistic at worst.

But anyway. Sadly, it doesn't get any better. He then compares them to cars, in what will probably make for car crash television. 'You’ve got all these different shapes and sizes in front of you, take it for a spin, take it for a test drive and if you don’t like it, you send it back,' he 'jokes'. Probably aiming at Maura, he then adds that he likes to drink whisky because it's 'trusting, the flavour will never cheat on you... unlike my ex girlfriend'. Anyway, we'll see what Maura has to say about this - as we can't forget Curtis was also accused of cheating on her.

As Curtis himself told the paper, 'comedy’s meant to be edgy, pushing the boundaries and at the end of the day, it’s meant to be just good fun and enjoyment for everyone'. Yep, it is. Just without the misogyny!

Looking for a positive here... at least the show is raising money for charity, we guess? Anyway Curtis, a word of advice for the future: maybe don't publicly compare women to dogs? Just a thought!

Thank you and goodnight.

Stand Up and Deliver begins on Channel 4 on February 25 at 9pm.

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