Is Cruz Beckham About To Be The New Justin Bieber?

Answer: Probably.

Is Cruz Beckham About To Be The New Justin Bieber?

by Jennifer Lynn |

What could have been a fairly gloomy hump day in December has just been turned into a magical festive occasion, thanks to Cruz Beckham debuting his first single, If Every Day Was Christmas, on Capital this morning. In case you’ve forgotten, Cruz is the third child of Beckham, the one who used to refuse to leave the house without a superhero costume on.

Appearing on Capital Breakfast to introduce the track – with a cameo appearance from dad David, obvs – Cruz sadly seems to have toned down his fashion choices, and was clad in a casual black hoodie rather than a Wolverine cossie. Describing his single as 'two of my favourite things: singing and Christmas,' he’s pretty much the cutest pre-teen (he’s 11) since Justin Bieber appeared on YouTube singing Cry Me A River and the world was never the same again.

Speaking of Biebs, he and Cruz now have one more thing in common, as Mr Beckham has just been signed by Scooter Braun – Justin’s manager. Apparently a friend of David and Victoria’s, Scooter also represents Ariana Grande, Kanye West and, err, Psy… as in Gangnam Style. Here’s hoping Cruz’s career remains firmly on the Ariana path to success, avoiding all novelty dance routines, as well as the exhaustion and mental health problems that have plagued both Justin and Kanye of late.

So can baby Beckham actually sing? Tbh, it’s always hard to tell if a young artist – pre-voice breaking – will progress from cute singing voice to full-on chart domination as an adult, but If Every Day Was Christmas is definitely an enjoyable addition to any festive playlist. There are bells, there will hopefully be some kind of epic video coming soon and it will be stuck in your head by lunchtime, guaranteed.

Of course, with his famous parents and seemingly ‘easy’ route into the music industry, Cruz is already facing some pretty tough criticism. Piers Morgan has waded in, labelling the situation 'sickening' on Good Morning Britain, before taking to Twitter and suggesting 'Cruz is being used by his parents to promote Brand Beckham.' Ouch. Thankfully new manager Scooter Braun has his back, taking down Piers in a series of his own tweets, before concluding, 'I can’t stand bullies.'

So, to recap, Cruz Beckham has been signed by Justin Bieber’s manager, released his first single and been trolled by Piers Morgan within hours. Sounds like he’s on the road to success to us.

If Every Day Was Christmas is out now, with all proceeds donated to Make Some Noise, a charity supporting disadvantaged young people in the UK.

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