Cressida Bonas Is More Interested In Festivalling Than Marrying Prince Harry

Thus proving yet again that - despite a ridiculously posh name - we might just be friends


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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With her rucksacks, throwback-to-the-'90s-scrunchies and Cara Delevingne-y face, we're getting a distinct vibe from Prince Harry's girlfriend and PR girl Cressida Bonas that, despite a name that might seem so posh it's impossible to pronounce, she's exactly the sort of person we'd like to hang out with.

One pal of hers has gone to the papers to talk about any impending nuptials between the 22 year old and her prince, and basically said she's too busy wanting to live a normal life right now to even think about walking down the aisle.

'She has just started a new job where she’s being paid the usual salary for someone of her age – i.e., peanuts – and she has found a flat to rent with her friend Daisy,' the friend told The Daily Mail. 'She is doing all the things that people in their 20s should be doing.' As well as mentioning she's keen ON Coachella, the friend said Cressida might in fact spend some of her summer at ultra-hippy festival Burning Man.

Just in case you didn't know, Burning Man is the one where white people with dreadlocks and those fond of being naked in a searing hot desert for a weekend descend to celebrate in a collaboration of creativity. Check out the (NSFW) video below to see what it's like.

'Cressida has always wanted to go to Burning Man and she’s been talking about joining a huge gang who are going this year. It’s unlikely Harry will be able to go, though. It is such an effort – you have to book flights to San Francisco and then hire an RV and fill it with food because no money is exchanged on the festival site. It takes lots of planning and months of saving,' says the pal.

Seriously, there is no money allowed on site, so you have to trade art and food to get by. Believe us, we know people who wear hemp. The friend continued, 'Those are the kind of big events on Cressie’s horizon at the moment, not weddings.'

We had Waity Kate, how about Our New Bezzie, Cressy? No, doesn't quite work. Damn that name. Again.

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