Chris And Liam Hemsworth’s Father Is Redefining The Dad Bod, And We Approve

Instagram / Liam Hemsworth

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The Hemsworth brothers – Chris, Liam and Luke – are known for their impressive physiques. While Chris is best-known for bringing bulging biceps to his role as Marvel superhero Thor, his two younger brothers Liam and Luke also boast gym-honed bodies in the likes of The Hunger Games and Westworld. Now, we know exactly where the genetically-blessed trio get their muscles from – their father Craig.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Liam Hemsworth shared a picture of his parents, shortly after climbing a mountain (so far, so impressive). In the snapshot, Hemsworth Senior can be seen posing without a top on, revealing his muscular torso and arms, which has prompted social media fans to crown him a ‘dilf’. ‘I need to be doing whatever he’s doing,’ wrote @beigepig, while @alisonisoninstagram added ‘whoa, Papa Hemsworth is shredded.’

After all, society is more used to seeing ‘men of a certain age’ with beer bellies and sagging man-boobs, rather than rippling muscles – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, we hasten to emphasise. If we start judging men by their bodies, it’s just as bad as shaming women for theirs (it’s why we always get so upset when the Daily Mail reports on David Cameron’s paunch every time he’s on holiday). But what Craig Hemsworth is proving is that ‘dad bods’ come in all shapes and sizes – even superhero-esque ones.

It’s not the first time that the Hemsworth brothers’ good-looking parents have been commented on, with the attractive couple causing a frenzy back in April after Chris shared a snap of them at the Commonweatlh Games on his Instagram. Their mother Leonie looked incredible in the picture, with many users saying she looked more like their sister than their mother. The brothers have also shared various flashback pictures of themselves as children with their parents, showing how strong the family resemblance is between the boys and their father. Some families really do win the genetic lottery...

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