Courtney Love Turned Down Russell Brand Because He Was ‘Too Musky’

We can believe Russell smells of the musk, if we're honest.


by Pandora Sykes |
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We sometimes wonder what we'd do without Courtney Love's brilliant penchant for over-sharing. Now the Hole frontwoman is at it again, with details of a would-be could-be sexathon with Russell Brand - except for the fact that she turned him down. Because he smelled musty.

'He goes, 'I've had a lot of grand conversations, darling, but none of them have ever ended in orgasm. Can we go in your room?'' Courtney imparts, making us wonder if he's forgotten that he totally wooed Jemima Khan over editing* The New Statesman*.

Courtney said she wasn't offended by his crude specifics, though. 'He's got some good lines', she actually notes. But his body fragrance put her off. 'I said to Russell, 'You're too musky for me, man.''

It seems that Russell has made the age-old error of not applying his Sure For Men liberally enough before partaking in exercise. 'We did yoga together and the musk was there' Courtney affirms.

Looks like they're best just staying yoga buddies, then.

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